Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Heritage In Danger

Fellow Kinsmen,

One of the biggest problems our clan faces is the degradation, neglect, or simple lack of funding to preserve, restore, or save from destruction the many towers, buildings and lands that are historic to our clan.

Some already have funds set up to stabilize them such as Torwoodlee Tower(Torwoodlee has been in Pringle hands since 1501 and no matter what your branch is a vital part of Pringle history). Others have been restored already such as Whytbank Tower which had fallen into disrepair. Some are in state care, such as Smailholm Tower. Other's such as Hoppringill Hill are in danger of irreparable damage not to the buildings themselves but to the historic lands that surround them. It likely will be slow going as some are no longer are in the family, and may take years for even an attempt to bring them back to us, however the importance to all Pringle's remain. We will when we can and have funds to begin such an effort be setting up a fund to buy back our traditional lands and repair and restore the buildings so all Pringle's now and future can enjoy our heritage. As I said before, whatever your branch all these buildings are important. Please if you can, give so that our heritage can live on for our future generations. The Book Records of the Pringle's gives an excellent account of our history, especially in the early days and expresses how much influence and prominence we really had. This can be read online for free at: http://salhun.100webcustomers.com/TheBook.htm#_Toc97635935 . This should let all Pringle's who are not aware, see why it's so important to save these lands and buildings.

Below is the link to the Torwoodlee Tower Fund.
Kinsmen, if you can, help us preserve our heritage!

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