Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Update on Hoppringill Hill

Dear Kinsmen,

I would like to thank and recognize James of Torwoodlee for graciously taking time out of his busy schedule to meet with Aggregrate Inc. As you know James from Torwoodlee was kind enough to meet with the representatives of Aggregate Inc. concerning the quarry, the future of Hoppringill Hill, and the remains of our original clan seat. I must say I am grateful to Aggregrate Inc., for setting up and meeting with James and fully discussing their plans. I am glad to say that the hill and the remains of the keep will be safe, at least for the length of the current proposed contract which is 21 years.

If you wish to see the specifics of the quarry proposal discussed at the meeting, please see the pertinent sections of the email below.

Dear Jeff

I met today with Tom Lewis of Aggregate Industries and Allan Doig of JWH Ross (who have been contracted to prepare the planning application) who talked me through the proposal and showed me plans of where and when the quarrying will take place.
I am delighted to be able to reassure you that the site and hill of Hoppringill will not be adversely affected by this application. From the current location of the settlement there appears to be some 30 metres of height to the summit and then the top of the proposed new phase will be below the summit and on the opposite side of the hill. The access track will be around and meandering up to the new phase on the west of the hill and Aggregate Industries claim that they will be 'restoring' both the existing quarry and the new phase as they go.

I hope this allays the concerns of Pringle's everywhere and that we can now be satisfied that our heritage will be safe without any doubt, at least for now. We must still, remain vigilant for the hill and all other sites precious to our clan, lest they be lost.

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