Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Welcome All Clan Members!

Dear Clansmen,

After much time drifting, we are beginning to come back together as a family and clan at last. We have now an opportunity to rebuild our heritage, reunite with our family(since all Pringle's are essentially related by blood), and find our clan chief using DNA. However in order for us to be able to accomplish these goals we need to raise(as Murray pointed out) our public profile so other pringle's worldwide become interested in the clan. Therefore we need to get as many Pringle's involved as possible.

The biggest part of that of course is the above mentioned DNA project which is located at http://www.dnaheritage.com/surnameform.asp?GroupUnique=622867424&Surname=Pringle . This is being used to determine our clan chief. I urge all male Pringle's to join the DNA project. This not only can determine our clan chief, but also can be used for genealogical purposes as we get more members and can begin to determine DNA patterns with various branches.

On another note, the saga of Hoppringill Hill continues, (for more details go to http://www.thesouthernreporter.co.uk/news/A-wind-farm-a-quarry.5670736.jp?articlepage=1 ) which fortunately it sounds like we caught on to it in the planning stages, meaning we may have a chance to save our ancestral home from being bulldozed by a large quarry company(for information to contact the quarry company in protest feel free to email me at jpringle1979@hotmail.com). We must not let anything happen! Hoppringill Hill is the very definition of our surname and clan! James from Torwoodlee is kind enough to negotiate with the quarry company in person. Let's wish him the best of luck!

Clan Pringle now has an official site at http://www.clanpringle.org.uk as well as a yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/clanpringle and a facebook account(I'll post information for this at a later time). This is the beginning of a network for Pringle's being set up so Pringle's worldwide can communicate and coordinate efforts. I urge all Pringle's to get involved, we have in the works a clan association. The more people involved, the better the clan organization, and the more we can accomplish!

Once again, welcome to all clan members, it's good to be able to communicate with Pringle's worldwide, and may all find you well.

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